What you see matters

We have established a scientific collection standard, so that people interested in fungi can properly collect their own specimens and information.

Currently in the world, only 5% of the diversity of fungi is known. The fungi kingdom is made up of more than 148,000 species, but it is estimated that there are around 2 to 5 million species. Each year approximately 1,000 to 2,000 new species of fungi are discovered globally.

The world is currently experiencing its sixth mass extinction, and it is an urgent necessity to explore the current diversity of species. For this campaign, The Fungi Foundation places emphasis on funga, the diversity of fungi in a territory. We have the conviction that both in nature and in fungi, humanity and science could coincide with solutions to contingent problems, such as climate change, water conservation solutions, and advances in medicine.

As such, the more information is known, the more possibilities there are to implement public conservation policies that protect their fragile ecosystems. The role of fungi cannot be overstated; they play a crucial role in habitats such as maintaining the balance of plants, enriching the soil, and conserving water- amongst other things.

Download the Fungi Collection Protocol
Download the Fungi Collection Protocol