Investigación Artística

Trabajamos en la intersección del arte y la ciencia.

Fungi Foundation ha realizado numerosas colaboraciones con artistas y comisarios, y participado en exposiciones y en la realización de exposiciones. A medida que los campos del arte y la ciencia continúan evolucionando, nosotros también estamos transformando nuestra visión de cómo gestar y apoyar mejor la investigación artística en el mundo de los hongos. Parte integral de nuestra misión es la colaboración entre disciplinas y la creación de un nuevo paradigma micológico.


Insectageddon is a collective performance and call to action presented by artist and poet Cecilia Vicuña. The event addressed the devastating loss of insect populations around the world due to the immense scale of toxic industrial farming, pesticides, and habitat destruction. Giuliana Furci spoke in NYC about her work involving insects and ways we can move forward together. Watch her full talk here:

Telluride Mushroom Festival Performance

Giuliana Furci invited Juan Ferrer and Nicolás Oyarce from Museo del Hongo (Fungi Museum) to the Telluride Mushroom Festival in Colorado, USA, and together they staged a fungal performance.

Penicillium Collective

Exhibition in an appearance of the Museo del Hongo, in which the Foundation worked as scientific curators. The exhibition included works by artists Sergio Mora Díaz,, Daniel Reyes, Claudia Müller and Paula Garrido. Held during the Science Week at the Parque Forestal Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile.

Extreme Unique Collection

Fungi Foundation mentors Museo del Hongo (Fungi Museum) in Chile and is the scientific curator of their exhibitions. For Fungi Museum’s INFINITA exhibition, at the XIV Biennial of Video and Media l Arts in Santiago (2019), we curated a vitrine with a collection of eight native species of fungi collected by the Foundation in the most extreme environments of Chile. The exhibition was held at the Benjamin Vicuña Mackenna National Museum in Santiago, Chile.

Atlas Fungi

Exhibition of the interdisciplinary artistic project Atlas Fungi that groups artists from the Aysén Region in Patagonia whose work is inspired by the Fungi Kingdom. The Fungi Foundation supported this project with talks and scientific curatorship. Among the artists are Catalina Mekis, Jorge Felipe Soza, Sebastián Peña, María Jesús Faúndez Alcalde and Rodrigo Lizama.

Explorers of the Forest: Guide for an adventure through Southern Chile

Fungi Foundation provided support with the content related to fungi in the children’s book “Explorers of the Forest: Guide for an adventure through Southern Chile'' by the artist and writer Catalina Mekis.

Fungi: a Kingdom to be Discovered

In collaboration with the National Museum of Natural History, the Foundation tours the exhibition “Fungi: a Kingdom to be discovered”, to several cities in Chile: Arica, Antofagasta, Valparaiso, Viña del Mar, Osorno, Valdivia and Puerto Montt, among others.

“Appearance II” of the Museo del Hongo

Fungi Foundation is the sponsor and scientific curator of the exhibition called “Vigilantes” by the artist Ivan Navarro in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Valdivia.

The Negative Years

Daniel Lie, a Brazilian-Indonesian artist, worked on his research for his work THE NEGATIVE YEARS with the help of the Foundation, in whom Lie was largely inspired for the conception of his project, based on an exhibition held in 2016 at the Sao Paulo Art Biennial.

32nd São Paulo Biennial Exhibition

Exhibition by Finnish artist Pia Lindman at the 32nd São Paulo Biennial in Brazil, curated by Giuliana Furci and Fungi Foundation. Giuliana has also provided mycological knowledge for Lindman’s project Geological Time, carried out in part in the Karukinka Natural Park, Chile.


The Chilean artist Rodrigo Arteaga Abarca is awarded “Fungi Foundation Award for the Promotion of the Fungi Kingdom” for his outstanding work “Convergences” (in the image), in which he grew molds on agar to map Chile and our planet.