Ethnomycology Ethical Guidelines

The Fungi Foundation’s Ethnomycology Ethical Guidelines provide a framework for decision-making and conduct for the ethnomycological research included in our Elders Program, general work, future projects with Indigenous Peoples, traditional societies and local communities, and related activities.

It reflects the vision of the Fungi Foundation, with the goal of facilitating ethical conduct, equitable relationships, and reciprocal responsibility among all parties, fostering a commitment to meaningful collaboration. We are aware of the singularities in every different culture, so this guiding document is intended to be a living document that will adapt over time to align with evolving understandings, contributions, and circumstances. 

This document has been prepared as a guiding tool for our work, and we hope it can be widely shared and utilized by other organizations. If you decide to implement these Ethical Guidelines in your work, please let us know. We want to highlight any efforts in following these principles and encourage others to adopt them as well.

Special thanks to the authors, Mariana Villani, Cristian Moreno, and Giuliana Furci, as well as to our board members and advisors.

Please cite as: Villani M., C. Moreno, G. Furci. (2023). Ethnomycology Ethical Guidelines, Fungi Foundation.

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Click here to read the document
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