In public schooling, as much needs to be taught about fungi, as is taught about plants and animals.



Creation of a global mycological school curriculum so that as much is taught about fungi in traditional schooling worldwide, as is of plants and animals.


Expand the number of people contributing to the discovery and documentation of species worldwide through a citizen science program: What you see, matters!

Do you remember learning all about fungi in school? Probably not because most schools do not have a comprehensive mycological curriculum. At the Fungi Foundation, we know that it is essential to teach all youth about the importance and wonders of fungi to encourage more understanding, research, and conservation in the future. Simply put, we want to create a free mycological curriculum for schools worldwide to teach about fungi as much as they teach about plants and animals.

We have begun this mission by creating the first draft of a mycological curriculum in partnership with Reconsider and Fantastic Fungi, and publishing the curriculum and other learning resources. We've had over 1,500 enrollments from 44 countries access the course resources. We have visited schools and taught lessons from the curriculum in the USA and Chile to almost 500 students. We have also provided educator training webinars and added 9 recorded workshop presentations as a resource for teachers on the curriculum website.

Soon you will be able to enjoy our FF Curriculum in Spanish and we look forward to launching it in Chile next!