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Teaching Fungi Education: Hands-On Activities for Every Child

Recap of our May 2022 Webinar

May 26, 2022

Diana Richards

FFungi Staff

Encargada de Educación

FFungi Volunteer

Fungi Education is growing and we were so excited to host another wonderful teacher workshop! This time, the presenters taught hands-on activities about interactive mushroom growing and mycorrhizal networks. Our presenters included the very talented mushroom educator, Gabriel Orrego, and presenters from our generous mushroom grow kit donors from North Spore and Smallhold.

Our first presenter was Hayley Kats from Smallhold. She presented a detailed lesson on how to grow mushrooms in your classroom using a mushroom grow kit. Our second presenter was the experienced mycologist, Gabriel Orrego. He presented a wonderful lesson that can be used with any student to teach about mycorrhizal networks. Our third presenter was Louis Giller from North Spore. He explained many ways you can give your mushroom grow kit a “second life” in your classrooms, and he answered many grow kit troubleshooting questions as well.

Louis from North Spore showing off some oyster mushrooms

We are so grateful to all of the presenters and attendees that joined our webinar. We hope that this helps educators bring more fungi education hands-on activities to their classrooms. All presentations were recorded and can be found on our website under the curriculum, Stay tuned for another webinar event in the coming months!