The Wood Wide Web of Mycelia in New Jersey Classroom

A recap of our April 2020 school visit.

April 29, 2022

FFungi Staff

FFungi Volunteer

Education Program

This New Jersey school was happy to bring mycology into the classroom. In April, our Education Lead, Diana, reached out to the teachers and offered to teach their 5th Grade classes about the Wood Wide Web of Mycelia. They were thrilled to have this opportunity.

Credit: Diana Richards

The teachers were given free mushroom grow kits thanks to our donors at Smallhold. First, the teachers taught a scaffolded version of the introductory lesson in our FF Curriculum. After their mushrooms were fully grown, the students were eager to learn more.

Diana visited the school and taught four fifth grade classes a scaffolded version of the FF curriculum’s lesson,” The Wood Wide Web of Mycelia.” She brought a mushroom grow kit block to investigate during the lesson, thanks to our donors at North Spore. The students were incredibly engaged while they dissected and observed the mycelium inside the block.

Credit: Diana Richards

Many of the students wanted to learn more about the wonders of fungi, and we are happy to provide resources for that at On our survey, one student said, “I want to learn more about the Mycorrhizal Network. It is really interesting and one of the most fascinating things she talked about.” We can’t wait to bring these lessons to more classrooms around the world.