NYMS Fungus Festival

A write-up about the October 2022 Fungus Festival in NYC that we participated in!

November 4, 2022

Diana Richards

FFungi Staff

Directora de Educación

FFungi Volunteer

We recently participated in the first NYC Fungus Festival hosted by the New York Mycological Society. It was so mush fun! Our Education Lead was there to talk about our Fungi Education program and the amazing free resources it provides. Attendees got a chance to see a copy of the mycological curriculum and make their own “Flora, Fauna, Funga, or Fiction?” fortune teller from our Fungus Files activities. Over 100 adults and children loved this activity!

This groundbreaking event was full of fantastic presenters, mushroom walks, mushroom ID sessions, fun fungi art activities for kids, and so much more. We were lucky enough to be at the table beside the amazing Smallhold and display one of their grow-kits available for teachers to bring fungal education into the classroom.

We are so grateful to the New York Mycological Society for giving us the chance to participate and present our Fungi Education learning resources. We can’t wait to come back next year!