Fungi Education at Foundry Montessori Preschool

A write-up about our visit to the Foundry Montessori preschool in Cold Spring, New York!

November 14, 2022

Diana Richards

FFungi Staff

Encargada de Educación

FFungi Volunteer

The students at the Foundry Montessori preschool in Cold Spring, New York loved learning about fungi with our Education Lead, Diana. The students, ages 4-6 years old, learned all about the parts of a mushroom and the life cycle of a mushroom with scaffolded lessons from our curriculum. After a brief lesson, the children joined Diana in a fun mushroom life cycle dance, and then went exploring on a mushroom walk.

The children were eager to find some fungi on their walk, and were lucky enough to find some turkey tail growing nearby. They loved searching for mushrooms so much, they even went on another mushroom walk the following day and found so many different mushrooms!

After their exploration walk, the students created their own mushrooms using model magic. They were able to create freely and show the teachers the parts of the mushroom that they learned about, including the stalks and caps. Thanks to our grow kit donors at Smallhold and North Spore, they are now growing mushrooms to observe the life cycle in their very own classroom. Thank you to all of the staff at Foundry Montessori for helping spread Fungi Education to our youth!