Coloring You: Fungal Art Contest 2020

A write-up about the Colorearte 2020 Contest and the Fungi Foundation’s involvement

June 15, 2022

Daniela Torres

FFungi Staff

Directora de Programas

FFungi Volunteer

The Colorearte (Coloring You) contest has been carried out since 2004 by the Fundación Colorearte, and each year a central theme is proposed for students and teachers to investigate and reflect. In the 2020 contest, the theme was chosen to be the “Fungi Kingdom”.

Colorearte is an inclusive school contest that uses different art styles and dyeing techniques to enhance the skills of elementary and middle school students, as well as special and rural schools throughout Chile, through art. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the 2020 contest was carried out online.

Fungi Foundation was part of the scientific committee of the organization and content was provided to teachers and students, as well as an introductory video and discussions with teachers to clarify their doubts about the Fungi Kingdom. The educational material provided by the foundation on the fungi of Chile was ultimately distributed to more than 100 schools throughout the country.

Additionally, Fungi Foundation actively participated in the activities and was a jury member in the contest. Among the activities carried out is the participation of Giuliana Furci in the webinar called: “La Educación ¿Vale Hongo?”.

Highlights of the activities from the Colorearte 2020 contest can be watched here: