Campers Learn Fungi Education at the Nature Place Day Camp

A write-up about our August 2022 trip to the Nature Place Day Camp in NY!

August 3, 2022

Diana Richards

FFungi Staff

Encargada de Educación

FFungi Volunteer

Fungi Education goes to camp! In New York, our Education Lead enjoyed teaching the campers at the Nature Place Day Camp a few lessons from our FF Curriculum. From the ages of 7-16, these campers had a blast learning about fungi.

The Nature Place Day Camp is located in Chestnut Ridge, NY. Their mission is to provide an inclusive and representative space where children can find their place in nature, embrace their unique selves, grow relationships and new life skills, build resilience, and be inspired throughout.

With the generous mushroom grow kit donations from our friends at North Spore, we were able to provide hands-on learning experiences to many groups of children in this camp. They learned about the different types of fungi, the life cycle of mushrooms, and mycorrhizal networks. The children observed their mushrooms growing from their grow kits, and enjoyed discovering different types of fungi in the woods.

We are so delighted that we had the opportunity to bring Fungi Education to these campers.