5th Grade Fungi Education Lesson in New Jersey

March 1, 2023

Diana Richards

FFungi Staff

Encargada de Educación

FFungi Volunteer

Some very lucky students in New Jersey had the chance to explore the fascinating world of fungi with our Education Lead, Diana Richards. Four 5th grade classes in this NJ elementary school learned all about fungi and the many differences between fauna, flora, and funga! 

Prior to this lesson, the classrooms were given free mushroom grow kits thanks to our partners at North Spore. The students' curiosity grew as fast as their mushrooms! They had a blast watching the Fantastic Fungi Education Film found in our Fungi Education resources, and were excited to learn more.

Diana taught the students all about mycelium and the interconnectedness between plants and fungi. Then, the students had a great time breaking apart the mushroom grow kit blocks to observe mycelium up close. After they finished a lesson about Flora, Fauna, and Funga from our Fungus Files resources, they had so much fun creating their own, “Flora, Fauna, Funga, or Fiction?” fortune tellers. One student even called out, “Wow! Fungi are really different from plants!”

The students all wanted to learn more and more, and we sure hope that their curiosity continues to grow far and wide like mycelium!