Artistic Research

We work at the intersection of art and science.

Fungi Foundation has carried out numerous collaborations with artists and curators, and participated in exhibitions and in exhibition-making. As the fields of art and science continue to evolve, we too are transforming our vision of how to best gestate and support artistic research into the world of fungi. Integral to our mission is collaboration across disciplines and the creation of a new mycological paradigm.

Penicillium Collective

Exhibition in an appearance of the Museo del Hongo, in which the Foundation worked as scientific curators. The exhibition included works by artists Sergio Mora Díaz,, Daniel Reyes, Claudia Müller and Paula Garrido. Held during the Science Week at the Parque Forestal Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile.

Extreme Unique Collection

Fungi Foundation mentors Museo del Hongo (Fungi Museum) in Chile and is the scientific curator of their exhibitions. For Fungi Museum’s INFINITA exhibition, at the XIV Biennial of Video and Media l Arts in Santiago (2019), we curated a vitrine with a collection of eight native species of fungi collected by the Foundation in the most extreme environments of Chile. The exhibition was held at the Benjamin Vicuña Mackenna National Museum in Santiago, Chile.

Fungi: a Kingdom to be Discovered

In collaboration with the National Museum of Natural History, the Foundation tours the exhibition “Fungi: a Kingdom to be discovered”, to several cities in Chile: Arica, Antofagasta, Valparaiso, Viña del Mar, Osorno, Valdivia and Puerto Montt, among others.