Artistic Research

We work at the intersection of art and science.

Fungi Foundation has carried out numerous collaborations with artists and curators, and participated in exhibitions and in exhibition-making. As the fields of art and science continue to evolve, we too are transforming our vision of how to best gestate and support artistic research into the world of fungi. Integral to our mission is collaboration across disciplines and the creation of a new mycological paradigm.

Atlas Fungi

Exhibition of the interdisciplinary artistic project Atlas Fungi that groups artists from the Aysén Region in Patagonia whose work is inspired by the Fungi Kingdom. The Fungi Foundation supported this project with talks and scientific curatorship. Among the artists are Catalina Mekis, Jorge Felipe Soza, Sebastián Peña, María Jesús Faúndez Alcalde and Rodrigo Lizama.

“Appearance II” of the Museo del Hongo

Fungi Foundation is the sponsor and scientific curator of the exhibition called “Vigilantes” by the artist Ivan Navarro in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Valdivia.

32nd São Paulo Biennial Exhibition

Exhibition by Finnish artist Pia Lindman at the 32nd São Paulo Biennial in Brazil, curated by Giuliana Furci and Fungi Foundation. Giuliana has also provided mycological knowledge for Lindman’s project Geological Time, carried out in part in the Karukinka Natural Park, Chile.