The Mazatec people shared their knowledge of the use of psilocybin with the world. The psychedelic space owes everything to their generosity and altruism.

Historias y Memorias Mazatecas is a project born from the dedication of a Mazatec family to preserve and celebrate their traditions and cultural heritage and it needs our support now. It's time for us to give back.

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An indigenous reciprocity project to preserve the cultural heritage of the Mazatec people

Due to urbanization, colonialism and globalization, indigenous cultures are at serious risk of disappearing.

Now more than ever, there's a pressing need to preserve this knowledge and create space to celebrate it.

"Historias y Memorias Mazatecas" (HMM) was conceived as a means to address this need. HMM is an ethnographic project that aims to preserve the cultural heritage of the Mazatec people.

Maria Apolonia Sabina Image source: Historias y Meáorias Mazatecas archive
Maria Apolonia Sabina Image source: Historias y Meáorias Mazatecas archive
Maria Sabina
Maria Sabina. Image source: Historias y Memorias Mazatecas archive

Historias y Memorias Mazatecas Archive

This project contains one of the most comprehensive collections of Mazatec records, textiles, historical artifacts, video and sound recordings gathered by a member of their community. Among these items are hundreds of unpublished documents, footage and photographs of dozens of Maztec healers including never-before-seen videos of the life of the renowned curandera, chojn chijné (woman of knowledge) María Sabina.

With your contribution, you will help cover the costs of restoration of the HMM collection. These activities include:

- Digitization of videographic and bibliographic materials
- Restoration of textiles, photographs, videotapes and archeological artifacts
- Museum's collection maintenance training
- Catalogue building
- Translation of documents

The curator and guardian by lineage of this collection, Inti García Flores is a Mazatec historian from La Salle University, Puebla, and a secondary school teacher in San Mateo Yoloxochitlan. He and his family have been working for years to restore the invaluable and unique collection of videos, photographs and documents that his father, Renato García Dorantes, produced during his lifetime documenting the history and traditions of the Mazatec community.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of resources and the conditions of the Sierra Mazateca, many of this documents, photographs and videos are rapidly deteriorating or are in urgent need of restoration. We encourage you to consider supporting this initiative to prevent the loss of this historical treasure

"The wealth of knowledge and history kept by Inti and his family in this archive is incalculable. With our help, Inti and his family will be able to restore and maintain this cultural treasure and establish the first museum in the region to celebrate Mazatec history and traditions"

- Giuliana Furci - Fungi Foundation foundress and Executive Director
Giulia Furci

100% of your contribution will go towards the restoration and preservation of this unique historical collection of Mazatec knowledge.

This project would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors

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Do you want to take action and help the Mazatec ccommunity preserve this cultural treasure?